AQA A2 gene expression

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Control of gene expression!
Transcriptional factors(move from cytoplasm to nucleus) ­molecules that stimulate
Transcriptional factor have site that binds to specific region of DNA in nucleus.
This binding site stimulates region on DNA to start transcription.
mRNA produced and genetic code it carries is translated into polypeptide.
When gene not being expressed, site in transcriptional factor that binds to DNA is
blocked by inhibitor molecule.
Inhibitor molecule prevents transcriptional factor binding to DNA-preventing
transcription and polypeptide synthesis.
Process of Oestrogen binding to transcriptional factor, switching on a gene and releasing
Small interfering RNA (siRNA)
short, double strand of RNA that interferes with the expression of a specific gen;
Effect of siRNA on gene expression- gene expression prevented by breakdown of
mRNA before its genetic code and can be translates; process is as follows:

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