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A2 Psychology OCR G544

Cognitive Developmental
Assumptions: Assumptions:
Information received from our senses is processed by the brain and Cognitive, emotional and behavioural development is an ongoing
that this processing directs how we behave or at least justifies how process and that such changes result from an interaction of nature…

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A2 Psychology OCR G544

Individual Differences Physiological
Assumptions: Assumptions:
To understand the complexity of human behaviour and experiences it Behaviour and experience can be explained by physiological changes
is necessary to study the differences between people rather than by investigating the brain, nervous system and other biological factors
those things…

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A2 Psychology OCR G544

Social Behaviourist Perspective
Assumptions: Assumptions:
Behaviour is influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence All behaviour is learned and shaped by the environment
of others
Strengths Development of useful applications. Offers very practical ways of
Attempt to use real-life situations. changing behaviour.
Makes useful…

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A2 Psychology OCR G544

Psychodynamic Perspective
All behaviour has a cause. All behaviour is determined

Highlighted importance of childhood
Use of case studies gains information over a period of time

Unscientific. Lacks empirical support.
Too deterministic. Rejects free-will.


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