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A typical plant cell: 14
Cell wall ­ made
of cellulose which
strengthens the cell
Cell membrane
­ controls what Chloroplasts (containing
comes in and out chlorophyll) ­ this is needed
for photosynthesis
Nucleus ­ controls
Large vacuole ­ what the cell does and
contains sap and stores information
helps support the
Cytoplasm ­
Chemical reactions
happen here…read more

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Some specialised cells we'll come across... 14
Palisade cells ­
found near the
top of a leaf Guard cells ­
and are packed can open or
with close to let in
chloroplasts CO2 and
regulate water
Xylem ­ long and
cylindrical to help
transport water
Root hair cell ­ big
surface area and thin
cell wall for
absorption of
nutrients and water…read more


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