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Angles In Polygons
Emily Parkes…read more

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Angles In Polygons
· There are two types of angles in polygons ­
interior angles and exterior angles.
· There are two different formulas you need to
know to work out the angles in polygons.…read more

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Interior Angles
· To work out the interior angles in a polygon use the
(S ­ 2) X 180
Number of sides
· If it is a regular polygon you can work out the
individual angles by dividing the total angles by the
number of vertices.…read more

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Exterior Angles
· The exterior angles in a polygon always equal 360o.
Exterior angles
· To work out the exterior angles you divide 360 by the
number of angles.…read more

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1. Work out the
Regular total interior
Pentagon angles in this
2. How big is just one
interior angle? 3. What is the
exterior angle?
(just one)…read more


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