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Features and Background
of Baroque Music
Basso Continuo
Terraced Dynamics
Major/ Minor Tonality
Baroque Period 1600-1750
This is a Chorus, taken from an Oratorio
(setting of religious words for solo singers,
chorus and orchestra)…read more

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Tonality and Harmony
Ton Dominant of
ic Dominant
Alan Eats Bananas
· Major keys throughout- Joyful Mood
·Begins and ends in A major.
·There are two sections in E major (the dominant), the
second of which modulates to B major (the dominant of
the dominant).
·Diatonic, using mainly root-position and first-inversion
·Fast Harmonic Rhythm
·Dissonances are created by the use of suspensions and
melodic decoration.
·Mostly perfect cadences, but occasionally uses imperfect
ones, and a dramatic plagal cadence at the end.…read more

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SATB Choir
Oboes, bassoons, trumpets and timpani drum
The strings mainly double the voices,
sometimes in a different octave
The harpsichord player improvises an
accompaniment derived from the figured
The double bass part is the same as the cello
but it sounds an octave lower.
The range of notes in each part is fairly
limited.…read more

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Metre, Rhythm and Tempo
hemiolas (two bars articulated as three bars of
duple metre).
Occasional use of dotted rhythms and crotchet
Longer note values -"for the mouth of the Lord
hath spoken it".
Crotchet or quaver movement keeps the
rhythm moving forward.
(a total silence followed by a sustained cadence)…read more

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Four Melodic Ideas each based on one line
of the Libretto...
1. "And the glory of the lord"
First heard in Altos
Based on triad of tonic (A major)
2. "Shall be revealed"
Descending sequences (Imitation)
3. "And all flesh shall see it together"
Repeated idea
4. "For the mouth of the lord hath spoken it"
Augmented note values
Same Pitch
Emphasise gravity of "lord"…read more

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