An Inspector Calls - Role of the Inspector in the play

Revision notes on the role of the Inspector, Inspector Goole, in the play "An Inspector Calls" and how the characters interact with him and what he teaches.

Note: you will need a basic understanding of the play to get the most out of these notes as they are designed for people who have read and understand the key concepts of the play.

Note: although the grammar is not completely correct, it is designed that way so it translates well into an audio file, the full stops at the end of titles make the recorder system put a break between the titles and content rather than running both together.

Note: This is also my first resource I have uploaded!

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Ian Ranson An Inspector Calls ­ The Inspector ­ revision notes

"An Inspector Calls" by JB Priestly.

Revision notes ­ the Inspector, his role and how the characters act towards him.


"An Inspector Calls" is a didactic play which teaches a moral lesson, in this case it teaches…

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Ian Ranson An Inspector Calls ­ The Inspector ­ revision notes

The inspector adds to Sheila's comment ­ "I've had that notion myself from time to time" ­ page 19.
Here the inspector is saying that he agrees with Sheila that people are not "cheap labour".

The inspector ­…

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Ian Ranson An Inspector Calls ­ The Inspector ­ revision notes

Act 3.

"I think you've done something terribly wrong and you'll spend the rest of your life regretting it".

Final speech ­ page 56.

The Inspector's final speech sums up why he is there and he teaches a…


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