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American West Checklist Notes

Buffalo uses ­ hooves = glue
Tongue = hairbrush
Meat = pemmican ­ lasting food

Ceremonies and dances were important to Indians as they honoured and
worshipped the Great Spirit. They were also used in times of celebration or
in mourning.

Manifest destiny was an important…

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With improved transport, law enforcers were able to cut down the

Some law enforcers worked hard to improve law and order in their area.

Many people had a sense that law and order would win out, even if it
took time.

Many people…

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Why they were successful ­

In 1847, the Mormons arrived at the Great Salt Lake. There was nothing
else there!!!

They had to `make the desert bloom'!
Young had total control ­the people believed he was inspired by God, and
did as he said.

There was no private ownership of…

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In 1864, Colonel Chivington attacked the camp of Cheyenne and Arapaho
at Sand Creek.

Black Kettle thought he had army protection, and Chivington said he did
not know of any protection promised to the Indians.

In the enquiry that followed, Chivington was disgraced for carrying out

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The US was now determined to avenge the death of Custer, and
defeat the Indians.

Although a great Indian victory, it was to hasten their end (see
point 3).

The Indians had lost the Black Hills forever, and were forced back
onto reservations.

In 1890, the Ghost Dance…

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The US army used tactics such as attacking in winter when Indians were most
The Indians lost because they were forced out of their way of life.

The wagon trains face problems such as disease, hard weather, tough terrain ,
money shortage and lack of organisation or knowledge of…


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