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Altruism - the debate
Does it exist?
Catherine, Titania, Megan, Darian, Aaron and
Arun…read more

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This house believes that altruism does exist
although many people think of this as a deed
with a selfish motive.
In this power point, we will discuss the points
which clearly show Altruism is present.
This will be achieved through the studies by
Bateson (1983) and other worldly examples.…read more

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Altruism means that one does a deed but does
not have a selfish or intentional motive behind
Many people nowadays describe this action as
Through this power point, we as a team, will
show the possibilities of altruism.
Altruism was discovered by Batson (1991)…read more

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Point 1
Empathy provokes altruism in one's mind.
This is when they thoroughly analyze the
They `put themselves into that person's shoes.
Then there is motivation that makes them
This happens without them thinking for
People help other people because of the
emotion that they have when they see this
Negative State Relief Model helps emphasize…read more

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Point 1 continued...
Batson et al's study shows this ­ the
participants in his study wanted to help and
receive the shocks themselves
They don't want other people to be hurt.
Many psychologists have put forward the idea
of psychological egoism.
This is proved wrong by the empathy ­ helping
relationship…read more

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Point 2
Biological Factors may affect altruism ­ as
researched on animals.
Reciprocal Altruism
This is where one person reduces his qualities,
or objects so that the other person can gain
these qualities and objects
They have an expectation to receive it back
later but it is not very strong…read more

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