Air pollution

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Geography global issues climate hazards
Air pollution
Physical causes- temperature inversions in cities in valleys, areas associated with
high pressure weather
Human causes- industrialisation, urbanisation, pollutants (sulphur, carbon dioxide,
nitrogen dioxides) from emissions, transport, industry, particulate matter (PM10,
Hazards are mainly associated with health issues those with existing respiratory
illnesses are most at risk. The smog doesn't cause their illnesses but can cause
attacks. The elderly, young and those with existing illnesses are most at risk from
illnesses such as asthma, lung cancer and bronchitis and this puts pressure on
health costs for the government.
Long term management- predication by smog monitoring stations led to the air
quality index. Levels of 50 are safe; levels of 150 are dangerous for sensitive
Short term management- public warnings to stay inside during midday hours, not
do vigorous exercise, extra hospital staff on standby, emergency services
Economic costs extra health costs, people take time off work, children take time
of school leading to long term education issues and poorly qualified workers


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