Aggression Studies

Aggression Studies

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Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) Aggressive model led to aggressive behaviour
Bandura and Walters (1963) Film of aggression then showed
reward/punishment/no reaction.
Children influenced by ending- vicarious learning
Bandura (1965) Rewards to all children- all performed violent
actions ­ learning takes place regardless of
Phillips Daily homicide rates in the US almost always
increased following a major boxing match
Rehm Handball teams- wearing bibs- anonymous-
more aggressive in play
Mullen More people in mob- greater savagery
Zimbardo Women in lab coats and covered gave longer
shocks than those not deindividuated
Cannavale Increase in aggression only in all male groups
Johnson and Downing Ps KKK or nurse uniform- Ps identified with roles,
KKK gave greater shocks than nurse and control.
Nurse gave signif. Less shocks than both control
and KKK
Potsmes and Spears Insufficient support for deindividuation theory-
disinhibition and antisocial behaviour not more
Spivey and Prentice-Dunn Deindividuation could led to prosocial behaviour
depending on cues.
Francis Deindividuation created by cyberspace-
adolscents more comfortable seeking help
Mann 10/21 cases of suicide jumps baiting occurred-
crowd large and some distance victim
Watson Collected data on warriors- changed appearance
the most- most destructive
Diener Trick or treat in America- large groups and
unidentifiable more likely to act anti-social
Silke Analysed 500 violent attacks NI 206 were
carried out by disguised individuals- severity
associated with depth of disguise
Gergen 12 Ps in a dark room, became sexual and friendly
rather than violent
Berkowitz and Le Page Angry groups of subjects gave more shocks and
held shock down longer than ­ shotgun and
revolver present compared to badminton
Hedginson Trainee nurses are more likely to suffer violence
McCorkle Overcrowding, lack of privacy and lack of
meaningful activity all significantly influence peer
Harer and Steffensmeier 58 prisons ­ black inmates violent- white
inmates drugs- parallel to society

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Nelson Selective breeding of wolves created
aggressive and docile wolves
Cairns Selective breeding of mice who would show
aggression when middle aged
Theilgard 1/1000 have xxy- taller not more aggressive
Hutchings and Mednick Adoptions in Denmark- signif.…read more


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