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Explanation Type Assumptions For The Argument Against The Argument

Neurochemical Explanation It could be THE DOPAMINE HYPOTHESIS- It is thought that Barlow and Durand= Have found a
argued that, schizophrenia may be caused by excessively high number of issues in the dopamine
genetic factors levels of dopamine (a neurotransmitter). This…

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in the early years patients are often given pocket money, sweets trivialises a serious disorder. Eysenck
of a child's life etc. when they perform the most basic of tasks believes this is demonstrated in the
can lead to them such as making the bed or personal hygiene. It has following…

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schizophrenia 16% if one parent had it, 8% if sibling has it. This diagnosis of schizophrenia has become
runs in families or shows that there is a genetic role in schizophrenia harder or easier over the last 50 years.
that some inherit as 1% chance of getting it if there…


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