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An airbag reduces the forces on the driver in a car crash
Explain how.
In your answer write about
.Stopping time
.Acceleration (3 marks)
This is a three mark question. Therefore you need
to say 3 things to answer it. Including something
about stopping time & acceleration as asked.
The stopping time is increased meaning that the stopping time is longer(1
mark) The stopping distance has also increased(1 mark). There is also an
idea of a decrease acceleration(1mark) as the airbag reduces the risk of
injury.…read more

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Carley drives a car
The total mass of the car & the people in it is 1600 kg
The engine produces a driving force of 4200 N
During the acceleration there is a driving force of 1000N
Calculate the acceleration. (3 marks)
For this question you need to look at the equations on page 2 & see
what you have to do & what information you have to answer this
question. For this question the equation is Force=mass x acceleration.
You need to rearrange the formula acceleration=force divided mass
(Writing the formula will get you marks)
Acceleration=force divided mass (1 mark)
2400 divided 1600 (1 mark)
answer= 2.625 (1 mark)
(you can round the answer off, in this case it would
be 2.6)…read more

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What are 2 different factors that
increase thinking distance
(2 marks)
For this question it asks for TWO factors. It's also a 2
mark question so say 2 factors without an
explanation. It's always good to look at the marks. It
gives an indication of the amount you need to write.
.Greater speed can increase thinking distance (1 mark)
.Under the influence of alcohol or drugs(1 mark)…read more


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