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Resolution (ADR)…read more

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Alternative Dispute
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the name
given to the process where parties in a dispute come
to a compromise (or settle their dispute) without
going to court.
The main reason people use ADR is to save the
expense of using the courts and solicitors.…read more

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Alternative Dispute
There are four main forms of Alternative Dispute
Arbitration…read more

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This is the simplest form of ADR. Where two
people have a dispute they can negotiate a solution
themselves. The advantages to the parties involved
are that it is completely private and it's fast and
Where parties to a dispute cannot settle it
themselves they may instruct solicitors who will
negotiate on their behalf. Even when negotiation
fails at these early stages of a dispute and court
proceedings start, solicitors will usually continue to
negotiate on their client's behalf. This results in
many cases being settled out of court.…read more

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This is where a neutral person (the mediator) helps
the parties to reach a compromise. The job of the
mediator is to consult with each party and see how
much common ground there is between them. S/he
should act as a facilitator, taking offers between the
parties. The mediator doesn't offer an
opinion. Mediation is most suitable where there is
some chance that the parties will co-
operate. Mediation is not legally binding on the
parties.…read more

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This is similar to mediation where a neutral third
party helps the parties to resolve their dispute,
however, the conciliator plays a more active role in
the process. S/he will be expected to suggest ways
in which a compromise could be reached. Conciliation
is not legally binding on the parties.…read more

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J Drabble


Very detailed PowerPoint on the methods with equally detailed evaluation - great to use with a mind map.

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