Additional Maths Formulae Sheet

All the formulae you need to know for the FSMQ OCR Additional Maths exam at GCSE

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Additional Maths Formulae Sheet
Pythagoras Theorem: a2+b2=c2
Volume of a cone: 1
3 r h
Curved surface area of a cone: rl
Volume of a sphere: 4
3 r
Surface area of a sphere: 4r2
Volume of a prism: area of cross section x length
Circumference of a circle: 2r
Area of a circle: r2
Volume of a cylinder: r2h
Curved surface area of a cylinder: 2rh
Area of a trapezium: 1 (a+b)h
Quadratic formula: 2a
In right angled triangles:
adj = hyp x cos
opp = hyp x sin
opp = adj x tan
sin = opp
cos = hyp
tan = adj
Sine rule: a = b c
= sinC
sinA sinB
Cosine Rule: a2 = b2 + c2 - 2bccosA
Area of a triangle = 1
2 absinC
function derivative
f(x) + g(x) f (x) + g (x)

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function integral
xp x p + 1 + c, p 1
f (x) + g (x) f(x) + g(x) + c
area under a curve
Equation of Circle:
Centre (a, b), radius r
(x ­ a)2 + (y ­ b)2 = r2
Binomial Probability Distribution:
cos2 A + sin2 A 1
Secondary Solutions:…read more

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If sin-1(x) = , then 1800 - is also a solution
If cos-1(x) = , then 3600 - is also a solution
If tan-1(x) = , then + 1800 is also a solution…read more


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