Additional biology questions

Just questions that I made of for my revision and printed of to answer. Hope you find them usseful!

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Additional biology questions
1. What do animals compete for?
2. What is intra ­ specific competition?
3. What do plants compete for?
4. What is interdependence?
5. What is an adaptation?
6. What are the two different types of adaptation?
7. Name features of a camel
8. Name features of a polar bear
9. What is an extreme environment

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What is extinction
11. What are the 5 things that can lead to extinction?
12. What is biodiversity?
13. What are the 6 things in a typical plant cell?
14. Describe their functions
15. What is the equation for photosynthesis
16. What are the three things in a typical cell? Describe their functions
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What do stomata do?
19. What are the 4 things you need for photosynthesis?
20. What are the 6 things about food production?
21. What are the 3 factors tat affect photosynthesis
22. Draw the graphs for the three different things.
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What can fertilisers do?
27. What is a pollution indicator?
28. What is a living indicator?
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