Accounting Ratios - AQA BUSS3

BUSS3 - Accounting Ratios. A clear and concise guide for anyone sitting or retaking any A2 Business modules.

This pack includes information on:

Profitability Ratios: Measure the relationship between gross/net prfit and revenue, assets
and capital employed. Includes Gross Profit Margin and RoCE.

Activity Ratios: Used to see how efficiently a business is using its resources. Includes Stock
turnover, Debtor/Creditor days and Asset turnover.

Liquidity Ratios: Investigate the short-term financial stability of a firm. Includes Current
ratio and Acid test ratio.

Gearing: Examines the extent to which a business is dependent upon borrowed money. 

Shareholder Ratios: Analyses the return for shareholders. Includes DPS, EPS and Dividend

This pack has helpful information such as:

  • Example Questions
  • Example Calculations
  • Revision Links

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