Abraham Lincoln

This tell you anbout abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest leader in the civil war, he mange to
free black people including slaves . He was born on the February 12th 1809,
and he died on April 15th 1865 when he was fifty six years old. His party was
Republican and he was president for four years from 1861 to 1865, when he
was assassinated.
Lincoln began his political career in 1832 making a campaign for the Whig
Party. In 1860 Lincoln was chosen to be the Republican candidate for the
elections because of his views on slavery and his western orgin. ON November
6th 1869 Lincoln was elected to become the 16th president of America
`I want every man to have the chance - and I believe a black man is entitled to it - in
which he can better his condition, when he may look forward and hope to be a
hired labourer this year and the next, work for himself afterward, and finally to hire
men to work for him. That is the true system.'
This is a quote from Abraham Lincoln. The quote shows the decision to stop slavery and
everyone should be treated equally including blacks and everyone has a chance to have
better lives.

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America Civil war
The American Civil war in 1861 to 1863, is also known as the War between the states
or simply the Civil war. It was a civil war fought in the United States In the
presidential election 1860, the Republican Party led by Lincoln has stated to fight
against expanding slavery beyond the states in which it already existed
Hostilities began on april12 1861, when confederate force attack the US military at
Fort Sumter in South Carolina.…read more


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