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The placenta is a temporary organ that forms
inside of your uterus during pregnancy. It
helps to nourish your baby and flushes out
excess wastes that form throughout the
three trimesters of pregnancy. Often referred
to as the afterbirth, the placenta is formed
out of the same cells that your…

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Placental Grade: Placental grade refers to the age of the placenta. The age of
the placenta can be determined by the number of white spots (calcifications) found
on the surface of the organ. If your placenta has too many of these calcifications
for your baby's age, it could be a…

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China: The Chinese view the placenta as a life-giving force. Therefore, it is dried
and added to certain placenta recipes in order to increase a person's energy and
Africa: In certain African nations, the placenta has swaddled in blankets and buried
beneath a tree. This tree symbolizes ongoing life.…


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