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Difference between scalar and Vector:
A scalar measurement only records the magnitude (or amount) of whatever you are
A vector measurement records the magnitude of the thing you are measuring and the
D/T Graphs V/t Graphs
Equations of motion
Uniform Accelerated
motion motion
ACCELERATIO ax = 0 ay = g = -9.…read more

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Projectile motion step by steps :::
Working out Maximum Height;
Newton's 1st Law of Motion: "Bodies will continue to move with a uniform velocity (which includes
being stationary) unless acted on by a resultant force."
Newton's 2nd Law of Motion: "Resultant force is equal to the rate of change of momentum." (F
= m x a)
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion :"Every force acting on an object has an equal and opposite force which
acts on another object.…read more


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