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A day in the life of becoming a creative writer
Secondary - The birthplace of my renowned talent. My Language teacher, Ms. Murali,
told us to write a poem about a personal experience. I decided to write about the
psychologically excruciating day when I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was definitely
not a very pleasurable topic to write about but hey, I am a strange person. The obscure
night before it was due I scribbled down what I thought to be a terrible poem. It was
nothing more to me than an assignment when we were instructed to make it deep and
personal. I didn't expect to get a very good grade, or have any praise for it because
homework is a joke in my case, why waste time behind it when you can still get a good
grade? Weeks later, the school's literary book, Written and Illustrated, was
distributed and as I rapidly sketched a doodle in art class, my classmates came up to
me and praised me for my poem. However at this point, I sensed sarcasm...I was
perplexed...what was happening? I woke up from dreamland to find myself baffled by
my classmates littering me with their words of praise. Then someone whipped out a
copy of the book and opened to page sixteen. There it was. My poem. In black and
white titled, Endless Needles, Endless Tests. However, that isn't when I discovered I
wanted to be a writer.
At first I was mortified, when I handed it in and I was sure it was appalling for the
standards my teacher had previously expected of me and just another C+ grade into my
average, which I'm very used to seeing, from my beloved teacher Ms. Murali. I took the
book from my classmate's hand and read it over, still dumbfounded as to how it even
got there. During my delightful Language lesson I curiously asked Ms. Murali why and
how my poem was in Written and Illustrated. She said it was a wonderful piece, and
she wanted everyone to see it. He didn't fathom the fact that I would be embarrassed
and discomforted. At first I was worried of ridicule and being subject to other
people's humor. I have always been scared of critics, and hated sharing anything I
created because I'm too anxious around people who are same age as me. Despite the
admiration I received I was always inhibited, and self-conscious of everything. From
artwork to schoolwork I never thought I was good enough. As I walked through the
halls I received more and more complements especially from two very weird looking
people. They were known as the two retards, not that I blame people for calling them
that. It was a very huge, gigantic figure, unmanly with a disheveled mane and freaky
glasses gaping down at me over his balloon-belly almost deformed in his facial
structure. The second one was a little short, obnoxious midget looking up at me saying
"well done". Not that I needed there compliments. I was astonished that people
thought I was a good writer, when I never saw it as a hobby before. What I have found
that this was the foundation for my `Ah ha' moment.
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I feel a shiver in my spine every time I walk around in school around people.
It wasn't until several months ago when I found out I wanted to be a creative writer.
For recreation I wrote a short story, something I thought of when I sat home with
nothing to do. Before I knew it, I had written a number of astonishing pages. I read
over it, and I thought, hey this actually isn't half as bad as I thought.…read more

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