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Discuss whether or not the legal definition of insanity requires drastic
revision despite the recent reforms to the defence (34)

The legal definition of insanity was created in 1843 because of the case of Daniel M'Naghten. He was
charged with the murder of Sir Robert Peel's secretary after believing the…

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they need to stay as they are. A positive aspect of the legal definition is, if the disease is likely to
recur it may be possible to treat it.

A major problem with the recent reforms on the legal definition of insanity is that they still didn't
amend the fact…

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appealing than insanity as there is no social stigma attached. The only problem with this overlap is the
defendants may only receive a custodial sentence which in the long term wouldn't necessarily cure
their disease meaning when released out of prison they may re-offend and still be of risk to…


Smith E


It is always helpful to see a fully composed essay, to get a sense of how to construct an essay question on a particular topic, how to work an explanation of cases into the body of the text, indicate criticism, and so forth. This essay was composed pre the Coroners Act reforms – what changes were adopted?

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