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Computer Systems…read more

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Computer Systems
A computer is an information processing
They process data to produce
They are not intelligent, they just carry
out instructions
These instructions are called programs
or software…read more

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Input, Processing & Output
When a computer is used there are
three stages to completing any task.
These are Input, Processing & Output
The computer program follows these
stages by carrying out step by step
instructions…read more

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The Input stage of computing is
concerned with getting the data needed
by the program into the computer.
Input devices are used to do this.
The most commonly used Input devices
are the mouse and keyboard.…read more

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The program contains instructions with
what to do with the Input.
The computer follows these instructions
with the data that has just been input.
The instructions have to be correct or
the result will be wrong.
If incorrect data is input then the results
will be wrong. This is called "Garbage
in, Garbage out"…read more

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The output stage is concerned with
"giving out" processed data in a way
that is useful to the user.
Output Devices are used to do this.
The most common output devices are
the Screen, also known as a monitor or
a Visual Display Unit (VDU) and the
Printer.…read more

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A great set of resources from Ciaran.  Keep an eye out as he produces comprehensive powerpoints for lots of different topic areas.



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