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By the middle part of her reign Elizabeth was much more secure, she had overcome the uncertainties that had been present at the beginning of her reign,
had overcome the threat posed by rebellion in 1569 and 1572 and by 1571 she was at the height of her powers.
Cecil was prudish when it came to money. Little factionalism- homogeneous group who shared similar political objectives and usually worked well together.…read more

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Catholic missions- 1574- first 4 priests arrived from Douai, 100 by 1580. Little framework within priests could operate- operate from the country houses of
catholic gentry., could do little to sustain the faith. Jesuits- 1580- bossy- did much to ensure the survival of Protestantism, while haigh was much more
sceptical- dangerous, operating in safe houses, only in south-east where catholic population was smallest, not north,
1571- strengthened anti-catholic and treason laws, treason to bring into the realm or publish the papal bull.…read more


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