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  • "insight therapy"
  • Bergin - estimated that 80% of patients benefited from this therapy
  • It's a long and intensive therapy. Therapies of this nature have been shown to produce better results


  • It's based on Freud's theory of personality. If his theory is flawed, then the therapy must be flawed too
  • Freud ignored individual differences
  • Critics claim that some therapists are not helping patients recover repressed memories. Instead, they are planting 'false memories' into their patients' minds.


Psychoanalysis is an effective therapy for dealing with mental disorders, and has been proven to be effective. However, it is based on Freud's theory of the personality, which is fundamentally flawed in that it has no supporting research evidence. Therefore, there's a possibility of Freud's theory not being true, which in turn would mean that psychoanalysis is limited as a therapy for mental disorders. 


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