Often very funny

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Often very funny


  • Heathcliff's rejection of Cathy:                                                                                    "Keep your eft’s fingers off; and move, or I’ll kick you!” cried Heathcliff, brutally repulsing her. “I’d rather be hugged by a snake. How the devil can you dream of fawning on me? I detest you!”
  • When Lockwood mistakes a "heap of dead rabbits" for cats.


  • Wuthering Height's focuses on such serious relationship's and topics that I do not find myself hardly laughing or even smiling at all and if so only the odd line or two throughout the whole novel.
  • It is hard to see the humour is such a developed plot and set of characters.


I do not agree that Wuthering Height's is often very funny as I feel the topics in the novel are too serious and complicated that humour can be made out of them. The relationships between the characters within the novel are too confusing which makes it hard to even imagine any kind of humour surrounding their story.


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