Legislation 1625-1701




Refusal to grant Tonnage and Poundage (1625)

Charles' forced loan (1627)

Petition of Rights (1628)

Three Resolutions (1629)

Charles' Financial Policies (Personal Rule)Nuisances


Book of Orders (1631)

Book of Canons (1636)

National Covenant (1638)

Root and Branch Petition (1640)

Triennial Act (1641)

Ten Proposistions (1641)

The Grand Remonstrance (1641)

Nineteen Propositions (1642)

Oxford Proposals (1643)Not Key

Solem Legaue and Convenant (1643)

Uxbridge Proposals (1645)Not Key

Newcastle Propositions (1646)

Heads of Proposals (1647)

Engagement (1647)King

Four Bills (1647)


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