Harold Macmillan: 1957 - 1963.

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Harold Macmillan: 1957 - 1963.


  • Nicknamed ‘Supermac’.
  • Presided over an age of affluence.
  • Many reforms; Clean Air Act of 1956 + the Housing and Factor Acts.
  • RAB, as Home Secretary (1957 - 1962) was more liberal than those prior; Homicide Act of 1957 restricted usage of death penalty, whilst Wolfenden Commission of 1957 recommended that homosexuality not be illegal.
  • Developed ‘New Towns’ with a ‘green belt’, meaning no surrounding factories.
  • Rebuilt US relationship.
  • Had control of the media; took many advantageous opportunities presented by this fact.
  • Had Party unity, in contrast to Labour Party, which was in disarray.
  • Conservatives have 100 seats after 1959 General Election.
  • Average pay for industrial workers had risen by over 20%.


  • Was viewed by some in the Conservative party to be left-wing.
  • Arguably, low unemployment and economic prosperity was as a result of world trade, not his actions.
  • By 1963, unemployment had reached 1 million in Britain
  • Internally, there was division over his support of colonial independence.
  • Macmillan was frowned upon for his reliance on Keynesianism.



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