Genetically modified trees - paper and board


Genetically modified trees - paper and board


  • Aids resistance of trees to disease.
  • Reduction of lignin in tree growth.
  • Reduces the toxic chemicals used in the paper industry needed to break down lignin.
  • Produces trees with increased growth rate.
  • Better forest management, which reduces deforestation.
  • Trees grown specifically for the paper industry.
  • Enzymes break down timber fibres more effectively.
  • Paper fibres can be more effectively bonded.
  • Recycled paper can be treated more effectively/easily.
  • Paper treated to biodegrade more easily and quicker.
  • Efficient and faster production.


  • Long-term side effects not yet apparent.
  • 'Escape' of modified genes into natural ecosystems.
  • Development of tolerance to the modified trait by insects or disease organisms.
  • Rapid growth could cause shorted, more intensive rotations, resulting in greater water demand and reduced opportunity for nutrient recycling.



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