Family life in Depression

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Family life in Depression


  • Young people became against marriage
  • Many people committed suicide due to the poor living condition in USA during the Depression
  • There wasn't enough money to pay teacher
  • There was no national system of social security, the unemployed and their family depended on charitable organisations, eg Red Cross


  • Marriage rate fell from 1.23 million in 1929 -> 982,000 in 1932
  • Suicide rate rose dramatically : 12.6 suicide per 1,000 people in 1929 to 17.4 suicide per 1000, at its peak, in 1932
  • In some states, eg Arkansas, schools closed for 10 months
  • The magazine Fortune estimated that by 1932, 25% of population will not receive income

Overall summary

The Depression had a tremendous effect on family life


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