Churchill, Eden, McMillan Douglas-home.

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Churchill, Eden, McMillian Douglas-home.


  • Winston Churchill seen as a figure head of the nation, got the country through the war. People wanted an anti Stalin leader
  • Eden had practice in being foreign secretary, wanted to increase outwards expenditure. was an earl of Avon
  • McMillian - Lead the country in prosperous times. Reputation of a world class states man, increased majority to 100,
  • Douglas-Home popular with the party, dealt with trade unions, He served as Commonwealth Secretary during the Suez Crisis of 1956, in addition to holding the positions of Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council.


  • Churchill had a stroke and was unwell, Butler however  modernized the party, crossed parties several times, had two lost elections
  • Eden unpopular with people due to Suez. Criticized by labour party for it. Criticized as having a lack of political will. Eden had poor health.
  • Mcmillian shuffled the  cabinet became known as Mac the Knife, and suffered a series of scandals, unemployment was rising
  • Douglas-home chosen through old school methods, lost the position to the labour party, did not have a good relationship with Lyndon Johnson


Churchill can be seen as the more successful Prime minister out of the four 


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