A very confusing/difficult read

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A very confusing/difficult read


  • The framed narrative of Wuthering Heights allows the reader to hear the story sometimes through two layers of narration. Nelly herself is sometimes not present for important events and the reader therefore hears them through Nelly's second-hand information.
  • Smaller narratives such as Catherine's diary are incredibly important within the story as they form a core for the narrators to work around and to join up their re count of events.
  • Dream scenes confuse things even more within the story as the reader is unaware of whether what is happening within the dreams is actually and it also becomes hard to differentiate between what is real and what is a dream. Although dreams are important as they foreshadow important events within the story.



Wuthering Height's is a very confusing and difficult read as like the characters within the novel we are also completely "removed from the stir of society" which features throughout the story. The framed narrative accentuates this as it removes the reader more and more through the different layers of which the story is narrated through.


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