Yiri - Koko - Revision

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  • Yiri - Koko
    • Instrumentation
      • Djembe - drum played with hands
      • Balaphone - Similar to a xylophone but made of wooden bars
      • Talking drum - played with a hooked stick used t imitate speech
      • Musicians sing and are split into solo singer and chorus
      • Little variation in the dynamics
    • Structure
      • The piece is in 3 different sections
      • Introduction - Balaphone plays a solo using tremolos
      • Main section where the drums play an ostinato and a clear pulse call and response used
      • The coda where the balaphone is played 5 times each slghtly varied and a bell marks the end of the piece
    • Melody, Harmony and Tonality
      • G flat Major
      • Hexatonic
      • The balaphones play short falling patterns and the group sings this also, it emphasizes the G flat and the D flat
    • Rhythm, Metre and Tempo
      • 4/4  but not strictly
      • The piece has a steady pulse
      • Syncopation used throughout and the vocal parts and balafons play frequent cross-rhythms
      • Triplets frequently used by the vocal soloist
      • Rhythmic ostinatos created and continue throughout the piece
    • Texture
      • Mainly polyphonic
      • Mostly layered texture and poly-rhythmic
      • Very repetitive
    • From Burkina Faso


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