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  • WW1
    • Austria declared war on  Serbia when Archbishop Franz Fernand was assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist on 28-06-1914
      • Russia was a strong ally of Serbia alongside Britain, France and Belgium
        • These countries fought against Germany and Austria
    • Life during War
      • Spanish Influenza: 30 million people across Europe were killed
        • In Germany year of hunger and dirt with shortages of soap and washing powder meant 1/2 million civilians and 200,000 soldiers died in the summer of 1918
      • Britain's huge navy cause a blockade of Germany's ports causing food shortages from 1915
      • Demand for peace
        • The German people began demonstrating against the war and food shortages
        • General Ludendorff told German politicians that they could never win and that the British, French and Americans might treat them better if they did
          • But the Kaiser decided against a ceasefire and fought on


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