Unit II: WW1

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  • WW1
    • Allied use of new technology
      • Dreadnoughts,  tanks, gas, air power, telephone, trains, motor vehicles
    • Allied victory over Germany
      • Failure of the Schleiffen Plan
      • USA entered war
      • Strength of GB home front
        • Rationing, women
    • League of Nations
      • Difficulties/ Failures
        • Germany wasn't allowed to join
        • USA refused to join
        • Had no army
        • Failed to impose sanctions
      • Successes
        • Helped poor countries
        • Resolved minor arguements
        • Dealt with drugs and refugees
    • D.O.R.A
      • No-one could buy binoculars
      • Couldn't  buy homing pigeons
      • Couldn't use fireworks or bonfires
      • Couldn't ring church bells
    • Why were people unhappy about the T of V
      • It was harsher than expected
      • People hated the  War Guilt Clause
      • USA were afraid it would lead to more bitterness
      • GB polititians worried that their economic problems survival depended on Germany's recovery
    • The alliances
      • Dual alliance: Germany and Austria-Hungary 1879
      • Triple Alliance: 1882
      • Entente Cordiale: 1904
      • Triple Entente: 1907
    • The Causes of WW1
      • Naval arms race:  Naval laws, dreadnoughts, cause tension
      • Militarism: strengthening armies
      • Alliance system
      • Imperialism: German ambition versus GB & France
      • REMEMBER: M.A.I.N
    • The use of Gas
      • Germans 1st used in Ypres
      • Different types used eg. Tear
      • Importance of wind direction (could blow back)
      • Operation of gas canisters
    • Sarajevo assassinations
      • Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia
      • Russia mobilised to help Serbia
      • Germany declared war on France
      • Serbia refused to accept blame
    • Aims of the League of Nations
      • Stop further wars
      • Improve Peoples Lives
      • Disarmenment
      • Enforce Treaty of Versaille
      • REMEMBER S.I.D.E
    • Tension between GB and Germany
      • Britain had more dreadnoughts
      • Britain convinced Germany was building a larger army
      • Germany convinced GB was trying to stop them having navy
      • GB has a fear of invasion


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