Working Memory Model (Baddeley and Hitch)

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  • Working Memory Model (Baddeley and Hitch)
    • focuses on STM - believed it was NOT a unitary store (like MSM)
    • Central executive
      • controls attention, planning and coordinating info
      • allocates 'slave systems' to tasks and has a very limited capacity
    • Visuo-spatial sketchpad
      • stores visual and/or spatial info
        • subdivided into
          • inner scribe
            • encodes the arrangement of objects in the visual field.
          • visual cache
            • stores visual data
    • Phonological loop
      • deals with auditory info and preserves word order
      • further subivided
        • articulatory process
          • allows maintenance rehearsal
        • phonological store
          • stores the words you hear
    • Episodic buffer
      • provides a temporary store and links with LTM


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