Working memory model

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  • Working memory model
    • 1) Central Executive - the controlling element thats linked to the other two elements.
    • 2) Articulatory phonological loop - holds acoustic information and includes the verbal rehearsal loop.
    • 3) Visuo spatial sketch pad - deals with visual and spatial information.
    • Evidence from brain damage patients that supports the working memory model.
    • Shallice & Warrington - patient KF had difficulty recalling auditory information but not visual.
      • Suggests damage only affected the articulatory phonological loop supporting different components in the STM.
    • Limitations with using brain damage patients as most are case studies so the arent representative or generalisable.
    • Little is known about the central executive, little research has been done on this component.
    • It tells us little about the LTM and the ways in which processing from the model related to the LTM.


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