Working Memory Model


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  • Working Memory Model
    • Created as the MSM was too simplistic
      • STM is active and has more than one component
    • Central Executive
      • Controls and coordinates operations of subsystems
      • Decides direction of attention (to inputs)
      • Cannot attend to many things at once
        • Limited/No capacity
      • Encoding is modality free
        • No specific way of encoding
      • Connects working memory with LTM
    • Phonological Loop
      • Primary Acoustic Store
        • 'The Inner Ear'
        • Holds speech based information for a few seconds
      • Articulatory Loop
        • 'The Inner Voice'
        • Used to rehearse verbally, using info from PAS
        • Used to maintain memory traces
      • Paulesu Study
        • Participants either store a series of letters
          • Or mentally rehearse sounds of letters
          • PET scan measured blood flow throughout
            • Or mentally rehearse sounds of letters
        • Two tasks were associated with blood flow patterns in different brain areas
    • Episodic Buffer
      • Late addition to model
      • Limited capacity
      • Binds verbal, visual, spatial and chronological info
      • Information from each subsystem can interconnect
    • Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad
      • Holds visual information
        • Features, what things look like
          • EG. Shape, colour, size
      • Holds spatial information
        • Locations, movements etc.
          • EG. Used when planning way through shop
      • 'The Inner Eye'
      • Baddely Study
        • Track a moving spot of light
          • Same time, classify angles in 'F' as including bottom or top line
        • Difficult to follow track and complete imagery task
          • Tracking and imagery tasks compete for resources in VSSP
            • Limited capacity in VSSP


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