Working Memory Model

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  • Working Memory Model
    • Phonological Loop
      • Deals with auditory information and preserves the order in which information arrives
      • Phonological store - Stores the words you hear
      • Articulatory process - Allows maintainancerehearsal (which is 2 seconds worth of what you say )
    • Visuo-spatial sketchpad
      • Stores visual/spatial information
      • Limited capacity - 3 or 4 objects
      • Visual cache - stores visual data
      • Inner scribe - records the arrangement of objects in the visual field
    • Central executive
      • Attentional process that monitors incoming data, makes decisions and allocates slave systems to task
      • Limited processing capacity
    • Episodic buffer
      • Temporary store for information
      • Integrating visual, spatial and verbal information processed by other stores and maintaining a sense of time sequencing
      • Recording events that are happening
      • Storage component but has a limited capacity of four chunks
      • Links to LTM


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