Working Memory Model

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  • Working Memory Model
    • Episodic Buffer
      • General store for acoustic/visual info
      • Limited capacity
      • Bridge between WM and LTM
    • Phonological loop
      • Deals with auditary information
      • Inner ear/inner voice
      • Limited capacity
    • Central Executive
      • Directs attention
      • Allocates resources
      • Limited capacity
    • Visuo-spatial sketchpad
      • Holds visual/spatial info
      • Example: thinking about your route to school
    • Model of STM
    • Evidence
      • KF- after motorbike accident, presented with series of numbers, could only recall 2. Verbally presented numbers, recalled more. Supports idea of multiple stores
      • Bunge- had to read sentence and recall final word. More brain activation in dual task conditions rather than single. Evidence for limited capacity of STM.
    • Evaluation
      • S: Applies to real life tasks e.g. reading, explains more than MSM, explains STM in terms of temporary storage/active processing, research support from dual task studies where we show impaired performance.
      • W: not a lot of info about CE- decreases validity(incomplete explanation), doesn't take into account practise time-says tasks are always easy/difficult, unsure of cause/effect: key evidence comes from studies of individuals with brain damage


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