'Women of Thesmophoria' vase - prescribed source

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  • 'Women of Thesmophoria' 411BC
    • What is shown on the pot?
      • An Aristophanes play being performed
        • actors
      • Euripides' cousin holding a 'baby' hostage and sat on an altar
      • Looks as though the cousin is gong to sacrifice the 'baby'
    • Costumes/ Masks/ Props
      • grotesque comic masks
      • male actor dressed as a women wearing a skin
        • holding a wine vase to catch the wine
      • cousin holding a baby which is actually a wine skin
      • cousin wearing a head band which a detail from the play
    • Red figure, Southern Italy, Bell Krater, 411BC
    • How is it useful?
      • Shows populaity of Greek comedy in Magna Graecia
      • Evidence for a play being performed - details match the text
      • shows how Greek Drama was 'exported' across the Mediterranean
      • recognisable scene from a certain play - 'Women of Thesmophoria
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