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  • Witches
    • Daemonologie, written by James I, supports the practice of witch-hunting.
    • famine
      • looking for a scapegoat
    • women over 50
    • increase of printing press
    • social change= more people falling out
    • Matthew Hopkins 'Witchfinder General' accused witches from 1645-47
    • The Bible portrays women as 'manipulated as the devil'
    • 'Swimming test': Sink=innocent Float=guilty
    • 1200-Pope Gregory IX authorised killing of witches
    • had familiars that sucked blood
    • mainly women
    • economic problems
    • workship devil
    • no men to protect women-English Civil War
    • bad harvest
    • torture was illegal so Matthew used sleep deprivation
    • Henry VIII made witchcraft illegal
    • Hopkins released a book in 1647 called 'The Discovery of Witches
    • media
    • women were below men in society


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