Why was the struggle over desegregated education in the 1950's important?

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  • Why was the struggle over desegregated education important?
    • 1952- test case Linda Brown
      • NAACP brought a court case against the Board of Education in Topeka
      • She had to travel several miles to school and across a dangerous train track
      • white only school that was closer
      • May 1954- in favour of Linda Brown
    • this case showed segregation could not be equal and it created feelings of inferiority
    • integrated schools in the Southern States were ordered to be set up with deliberate speed
    • This set up a template for righting for equality
    • However, the Southern States were extremely segregated- bars, fountains, toilets etc.
    • the states tried to ignore the Supreme Court ruling and looked for loopholes to avoid desegregated schools
      • some state schools were changed into private ones to avoid desegregation
    • First real test case of President Eisenhower and the Federal Government to see the law enforced came in 1957 at Little Rock, Arkansas (on another mind map)


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