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  • Why gooses smell
    • Dirty pond water
      • Stagnant water getting on goose feathers causing a rather bad stench
    • Bad Bread
      • Bad bread causing an upset stomach
        • Bad guts - stinking goose
    • Pond weed
      • Dirty grass like objects that cause the goose to smell
    • Poop in the pond
      • Geese don't take care of their pond and constantly poo in their pond causing a bad smell
    • Poor sense of smell
      • Causes geese not to truly understand how bad they smell
    • Terrible hearing
      • Geese either pretend they don't hear what is said or just don't hear things
        • Never listen to how bad they smell
    • Geese can often be lazy
      • If it is late the goose will forego getting in the bath or having a shower
        • A lazy goose is a smelly goose
    • Full of beans
      • An expression favoured by geese when they are excited
        • Too much energy - very active - bad smell
    • Mean to Badgers
      • Often mean to badgers and therefore were smitten by God to forever smell




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