Why Christians believe in life after death

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  • Why Christians believe in life after death
    • All Christians believe there is more than life
      • God will reward the good and punishment the bad in some form of life after death
      • If Jesus rose form the dead then there must be some form of life after death
    • Some Christians believe that there is also a resurrection of the body for Christians
      • St Paul's teachings in 1 Corinthians 15
      • Jesus's body rose from the dead
      • It is part of the Christian creeds
    • Some Christians believe in resurrection- that when they die they will stay in the grave and be raised on the last day
    • Other Christians believe in immortality of the soul - the soul or mind is immortal and lives on after death
    • All Christian churches teach that there is life after death and most Christians believe that it gives their lives meaning and purpose
    • How these beliefs affect the lives of Christians
      • They will be judged by God after death so they must live a good life
      • They should love God and love their neighbour as themselves
      • They will go to church and pray and worship God
      • They try to help people in need.


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