The New Right and the family

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  • The New Right and The Family
    • Oppose family diversity favour nuclear family as provide affective socialisation and prevent crime and failure without reliance on the state
    • Social issues are caused by family diversity
      • Lone parent = children should have male and female role models
      • Working mothers = can't socialise children and aren't as able to work as men
      • Family breakdown increase the risk to children
    • Amato
      • Children with working mothers or lone parent are more likely to be in poverty, fail in education and be involved in crime
      • Conservative politicians and new right use this to support family and society are 'broken'. Return to traditional values prevents damage to children and social disintegration
    • Lone parent families don't need a second partner financially and rely on the state for this causing culture of dependency (Murray) Punish workers and reward lone parents who do not work
    • Dependency culture evaluation
      • New Right favour welfare benefit cuts/abolish to reduce dependency culture
      • Little/no evidence to show culture of dependency in lone-parent families


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