Who didn't benefit from the boom in the 1920's?

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  • Who didn't benefit from the 1920's BOOM?
    • Farmers
      • Little export
      • Overproduction
        • Drop in prices
    • Workers in older industries
      • Coal
        • Competition from oil and electricity
        • Strike of the coal industry
          • Male workers paid $18 and female workers paid $9 for a 70-hour week
            • At the time when $48 a week was the minimum wage
      • Leather and textiles
        • Competition from new man-made materials
    • The poor
      • Damaged American industry
      • Republican Policy
        • Refused to interfere and deal with poverty
    • The unemployed
      • Growth in industry didn't create new jobs
        • Machines took over
      • At the peak of the BOOM in 1929, the number of employed hadn't decreased even though the amount of products had increased
      • Included poor whites, blacks and Hispanic people


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