Who were the Bow Street Runners?

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  • Who were the Bow Street Runners?
    • crime-fighting team
      • employed by Chief Magistrate - Henry Fielding
      • idea came from Fielding as he was convinced that 'thief takers' should form a part of law enforcement
    • Why were the police introduced?
      • to deter criminals
        • by having a public presence on the street with constables patrolling.
      • better than the Bow Street Runners?
        • wore a distinguishable uniform that made them noticeable
      • Political concerns
        • they could be used to prevent political protest or put down opposition to the government
      • development of the police force
        • developed outside of London
        • many still relied on the old system of parish constables
    • Who were they paid by?
      • government
      • the Fieldings charged fees before the gvernment paid
    • Their significance?
      • their objective was to deter criminals by increasing their chance of being caught
        • in 1792, they set up more offices
      • they organised regular foot and horse patrols
      • they understood the importance of collecting and sharing information about crime and suspects with other law enforcements


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