Who opposed Alexander II

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  • Who opposed Alexander II?
    • Late 1860's - Reforming ministers were replaced with more conservatives ones
    • 1866 - 1st attempt on his life
    • Dismissal of Golovnin - Minister of Education
      • Replaced by Dmitrii Tolstoy - clamped down on uni's and made entry requirements higher
    • Appoitment of Pyotr Shuvalov - head of Third Section
    • Appoitment of Akexander Timashev - Minister of Internal Affairs
      • Radical demands for a constituion
    • Appointment of Konstantin Pahlen
    • The poll tax was still heavy for peasants, increased by 80% over his reign
  • The Peoples Will
  • 1881 - assassinated the Tsar as he returned from military
    • Some people felt disconnected from the regime
      • a poor harvest didn't help the Tsar
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