Marxism and the Family

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  • Marxism and the Family
    • Inheritance of property (Engels)
      • 'Primitive communism' - classless society, there was no family
      • As production developed wealth increase and men began controlling the means of production
      • This lead to patriarchal monogamous nuclear family (male dominated society emphasised within the family)
      • Monogamous nuclear family represented women's sexuality being under control of men and was instrument for production of children
      • This suggests if capitalism disappears, patriarchal family will too, this is not supported by communist societies
      • Proletariat pass down work in the factory
      • Bourgeoisie pass down owning factory
    • Ideological function
      • Primary socialisation where children are taught inequality is inevitable
      • Teaching children there is always somebody in charge (usually men) and prepares orders for the work place
      • Safe haven from harsh and exploitive capitalism, they can have a private life and be themselves
    • Unit of consumption
      • Capitalism exploits workers by selling for more than it costs to make
      • Family is important consumer e.g. when somebody else has something
    • Evaluation
      • Ignores other family types
      • Ignores females or individuals and focus on bourgeoisie and proletariat
      • Functionalism - Ignores benefits of the family e.g. providing mental support


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