When we two parted

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  • When We Two Parted
    • Form
      • 4 8 line stanzas
      • ABAB rhyme scheme
      • Regular rhythm
        • Emphasising certain words
    • Structure
      • Moves through time
        • Shifts between past, present and, future
          • Juxtaposition shows the lack of change in his feelings
    • Language
      • Death
        • The speaker feels the end of the relationship is like a death
        • "A knell to mine ear"
      • Senses
        • Negative descriptions of the lover
          • Love poems are typically positive
          • Shows how upset he was
            • Feels like his lover died
      • Silence and secrecy
        • "Silence" represents the secrecy
        • It was an affair
        • Contrasts with the voices of his friends in the third verse
    • Grief
      • The speaker  mourns the end of the relationship like a death
    • Anger
      • The woman broke her promises
      • She didn't feel upset about the end of the relationship
    • Regret
      • He regrets the relationship due to the way it ended


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